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Protect San Jose Parks & Trails! Keep them Green, Clean and Open to All!

Donate to San Jose Parks Foundation's End-of-Year Campaign 2023

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Support and Protect San Jose's Parks & Trails with a Donation Now

Donate Now to Protect and Preserve the Parks & Trails San Jose Needs

Your donation to our End-of-Year Campaign actually will have a profound impact. Through some dedicated donors, we have $4,500 in matching funds to help us end the year. San Jose Parks & Trails are a part of the City Budget, but that budget does not currently meet the needs of all of the Parks. Residents can make a difference by donating now.

When you donate, you support actions to protect and to preserve San Jose Parks. These community treasures need support to remain the valuable green infrastructure that makes San Jose a more livable city.

[Left: Super Volunteer Leaders Ken Pyle, Ramona Snyder with San Jose Parks Foundation's Founding Executive Director, James P. Reber; Middle: Sleeping toddler at Viva CalleSJ; Right: Girl Scout at Miner Park 4th of July Celebration]

Contributions helped turn an ugly parking lot into a beautiful playground in west San Jose, Pueblo Play, that has been used for years by hundreds of kids. Supporters made it possible for Ken Pyle to recruit a few hundred volunteers to help build the Pueblo Play Playground. The contributions of people like you enabled Ken to organize a community build. Ken inspired Ramona Snyder to help build and she was so inspired she led the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood to build another playground.

Donated support for Thousand Oaks Park helped create a magnificent natural trail in a previously-neglect enclave of the park. Your donation helped the long-term process of restoring the Japanese Friendship Garden, keeping the beloved Koi Ponds healthy.

Last October, hundreds of residents expressed their concern for budget cuts to Viva CalleSJ and Viva Parks. Through organizing the San Jose Parks Foundation Network of Partners and Volunteers, San Jose Residents were able to have a voice in these decisions. "No more budget cuts to San Jose parks" is our mantra for 2024. Join us. Donations from people just like you fueled the effort to stop the cuts.

San Jose Parks Foundation has many stories like this – of individuals whose vision and passion inspires others to join and where the entire community benefits.

You may have donated to one of those projects. This is what is meant when we say that San Jose Parks Foundation is a community-based organization. You are the community and your contributions enable us to find and champion people like Ken Pyle, Ramona Snyder and numerous others.

We ask that you make a contribution today of $120 (or $10/month) to our End-of-Year Campaign to support our ongoing Community Empowerment Program. You may give any amount, but this is the average gift we receive and with enough people giving, we can help support the wonderful parks, programs and people who keep our parks and trails in great health.