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Support San Jose's Parks & Trails

San Jose Parks Foundation Annual Campaign 2020-21

$10,485 raised

$25,000 goal

/ 150


As Valuable As Ever - Support Your Parks & Trails

San Jose Parks Foundation has provided private sector support for San Jose's Parks & Trails for over a decade. During the Pandemic, we have all learned how valuable our Parks & Trails are - and how important it is to support the community efforts to keep them healthy and accessible.

San Jose Parks Foundation empowers neighborhoods, community groups and individuals to take action. We help raise funds, recruit, train and manage volunteers, advocate for citizens, and we cut red tape – working with San Jose City staff on a wide variety of programs and projects.We cover citizen efforts that the City's budget can't cover.

If you have given to one of our partner programs - which is where most of our funds go - we hope you'll also donate to keep our operations going strong.